Pressing ‘Start’

This week finds me in an odd place.  My ‘Day Job’ has been the source of quite a lot of stress and tension.  However, I am excited to be working on a new short story that I hope submit to a magazine in a few weeks.  It’s a tough push-pull scenario where I’m all gearedContinue reading “Pressing ‘Start’”

Time alone, Time together

Sometimes other stuff gets in the way of writing.  It most often leads me to feeling very resentful about the time away from the keys, even though I know a lot of it is necessary.  My day job consumes most of my time and, although I know there are ways to handle this effectively, itContinue reading “Time alone, Time together”

Starting over

Another week has gone by and some good work’s been done but it can be hard to see how much closer you are to your goals. Especially when your goals have had to change, for example, over the last year.I thought for a while about whether to let myself talk about the global pandemic hereContinue reading “Starting over”

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